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Vayikra 5769 Korbonos as giving of ones self Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 48 min
VaYikra 5770 Tefilla In Place Of Korbanos Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 37 min
VaYikra 5772 VaYikra as the Center and Focus of the Torah Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 41 min
Vayikra 5774 The Mida Of Truth And Constancy Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 43 min
Vayikra 5775 L'Tzafona Lifnei HaShem Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 43 min
Vayikra 5776 Hashem As the Baal Hapikdonos Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 45 min
VaYikra 5779 Choice Of Profession As A Giving Of Self (Melaveh Malka in Passaic) Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 13 min
Vayikra 5779 Three Facets Of Torah Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 38 min
Parashat Vayikra- Remembering Adam’s Sin (3-21-2015) Rabbi Eli Mansour 46 min
Vaykira (01) Introduction - Hashems Love for Moshe and the Jews 01-10-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 52 min
Vaykira (02) Korban Olah of an Animal 01-17-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 56 min
Vaykira (03) Karbon olah of a bird - Karbon mincha of soles Rabbi Doniel Pransky 55 min
Vaykira (04) Karbonos Mincha 01-31-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 57 min
Vaykira (05) Karban HaOmer 02-07-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 47 min
Vaykira (06) Karbon Shlamim (Peace Offering) 02-14-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 57 min
Vaykira (07) Three Special Karbonos Chatas (Sin Offering) 02-21-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 59 min
Vaykira (08) Karbon Chatas (Sin Offering) 03-13-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 56 min
Vaykira (09) Karbon Oleh Veyored (Sin Offering -(If he is poor) 03-20-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 58 min
Vaykira (10) Asham me'ila and Asham taluy 03-27-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 57 min
Vaykira (11) Asham Gezailos (Stealing and Swearing Falsely) 04-10-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 40 min
Parshas Vayikra - Heker Between Milchigs And Fleishigs and Waiting Between The Two Rabbi Moshe Radner 44 min
Peering Behind the Mask: Understanding the Battle Against Amalek Rabbi Shmuel Reichman 15 min
Karbanos-Parshas Vayikra 5777 Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold 56 min
Parshas V01 Vayikra 5773 Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold 4 min
Parshas V01 Vayikra 5774 Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold 4 min