The Torah learned should be
a zechus for a Refuah Shleima for
Yonatan Micha ben Rayzel Leah


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Backing Out or Locked In ; Understanding the Employer Employee Relationship (-Presidents' Day 5776) Rabbi Moshe Walter 47 min
Dealing with a choleh on Shabbos Rabbi Moshe Walter 59 min
Falling On a Grenade, Voulantary Self Sacrifice in Jewish Law Rabbi Moshe Walter 82 min
I had a Dream:real or Imaginary - A Halachic Response Rabbi Moshe Walter 53 min
Making of a Minhag- exploring minhagim and the minhag to drown out name of Haman in Megillah Rabbi Moshe Walter 60 min
Mandatory Donations- Is Tzedakah an enforceable mitzvah Rabbi Moshe Walter 19 min
Put to the test- Ulterior motives in Tzedakah distribution Rabbi Moshe Walter 18 min
Redefining Truth: When a Falsehood Fits the Definition of Truthfulness Rabbi Moshe Walter 72 min
The Dialogue Between the Rabbi and the Questioner in the Halachic Process Rabbi Moshe Walter 73 min
The Making Of a Halachic Decision 12-15-13 Rabbi Moshe Walter 51 min
The Making of a Legal Holiday Rabbi Moshe Walter 43 min
The Making of a Minhag - Familial Minhagim and Communal Minhagim Rabbi Moshe Walter 58 min
The rules and regulations of forgiving an offender versus bearing a grudge Rabbi Moshe Walter 74 min
The Runaway Train- Triage Decisions in Halachah Rabbi Moshe Walter 62 min
Tzedaka; Voluntary or Mandatory (Federal Holiday Learning Program Memorial Day 2018) Rabbi Moshe Walter 58 min
Judging Favorably: When and Why to Give the Benefit of the Doubt Rabbi Brahm Weinberg 61 min
Uber and Disruptive Technologies in light of Jewish law and Ethics Rabbi Brahm Weinberg 61 min
Jealousy (1) Embarrassment - The Beginning Towards Repairing Our Character Traits Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 65 min
Jealousy (2) Dormant And Undetected Traits At The Root Of Our Behaviors Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 60 min
Jealousy (3) Discovering Our Deep And Hidden Motives Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 39 min
Jealousy (4) Careful With What You Say! Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 61 min
Jealousy (5) Uncovering And Tackling The Mess Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 65 min
Jealousy (6) Receiving From The Other Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 65 min
Jealousy (7) Let's Begin By Judging Ourselves Favorably Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 82 min
Jealousy (8) Testing A Growing Person's Middos Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 95 min