Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus
as well as Matisyahu Yered ben Miriam

Rabbi Menachem Levine

Rabbi Menachem Levine is the rav of Kehillas Am Echad in San Jose, California. He is a popular speaker and has written for numerous publications. Rabbi Levine’s personal website is
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Parshas Kedoshim: The Spiritual Quest Kedoshim 47 min
01 - Kavsah Ein Zakuk Lah and Zman Hadlakah Masechta Shabbos 59 min
02 - Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin and Makom Hadlakah Masechta Shabbos 69 min
03 - Mai Chanukah and the Beis Yosefs Kashya Masechta Shabbos 62 min
04 - Hadlakah In Shul Masechta Shabbos 74 min
05 - Bizui Mitzvah and Having a Shamash Masechta Shabbos 62 min
06 - Hadlakah or Hanacha Oseh Mitzvah and the Obligation of Nashim Masechta Shabbos 66 min
07 - Laws of Travelers and the Seder of Birchos Chanukah Masechta Shabbos 63 min
08 - Priorities in Lighting and the Segulah of Being Careful with Shabbos and Chanuka Lights Masechta Shabbos 62 min
09 - Shemen Sereifa and Al Hanissim Masechta Shabbos 55 min
1 - Kiddush a Mitzvah Min Hatorah or Midrabbanan Masechta Shabbos 55 min
2 - Making Kiddush on a Disposable Cup Masechta Shabbos 58 min
3- Kiddush B'makom Seudah Masechta Shabbos 60 min
4 - Can you Make Kiddush on Whiskey? Masechta Shabbos 69 min
5 -Eating before making Kiddush or Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 60 min
6 - Doing Melachah before Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 65 min
7- Doing Mitzvos before Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 58 min
Shiur #01: Melacha after hadlakas neiros Masechta Shabbos 60 min
Shiur #02: Makom hadlakas neiros (Eating or Sleeping?) Masechta Shabbos 63 min
Shiur #03: Zemanei Shabbos (Shkiya, Bein Hashmashos, Night) Masechta Shabbos 79 min
Shiur #04: Tosefes Shabbos Masechta Shabbos 60 min
Shiur #05: Kabbalos Shabbos B'peh or B'lev Masechta Shabbos 66 min
Shiur #06: Rechitza B'erev Shabbos Masechta Shabbos 57 min
Shiur #01 Chayav einish l'besumei be'puria/Drinking on Purim Hilchos Purim 59 min
Shiur #02 The Obligation to Read the Megillah on Purim Night and Day Hilchos Purim 48 min