The Torah learned should be
a zechus for a Refuah Shleima for
Yonatan Micha ben Rayzel Leah

Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker and writer who has lectured internationally at conferences, shuls, and Jewish communities on topics of Jewish Thought and Jewish Medical Ethics. He is the founder and creator of "Shmuel Reichman Inspiration: Think. Feel. Grow," a platform from which he shares inspirational Torah videos that have reached over one hundred thousand people. In addition to this, Shmuel writes a weekly Jewish thought column for several Jewish newspapers. Shmuel's passion in life is taking the deepest and most profound principles of Jewish Thought and making them both accessible and inspiring to his students and audiences. His mission is to help Jews connect to the beauty, depth, and meaning of Torah and Judaism. He can be reached at
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Parshas Tetzaveh- Why Did Hashem Create the World? Living on Purpose (Audio) Tetzaveh 19 min
Ki Sisa- Flying to Falling: The Raging Battle Within Us All (Audio) Ki Sisa 21 min
Inspirational Parsha Series: Vayakhel- Into the Depths of Shabbos: A Taste of the World to Come Vayakhail 14 min
Pekudei- Fantasy or Reality: The Ultimate Challenge Pekudei 14 min
Vayikra- Peering Behind the Mask: Understanding the Battle Against Amalek Vayikra 15 min
Parshas Tzav- Yearning for Connection: The Secret of the Mouth Tzav 20 min
Nadav and Avihu: Transcending the Ego, Connecting to the Infinite (Parshas Shemini) Shemini 18 min
Lashon Hara: The Ultimate Corruption of Speech (Parshas Tazria/Metzora) Tazria 15 min
When Selfish Becomes Selfless (Acharei Mos) Acharei Mos 11 min
The Five Stages of Faith (Kedoshim) Kedoshim 11 min
Jewish Leadership: When Leaders Are Human (Emor) Emor 10 min
Machshava Series-01: Are You Destined for Greatness? The Power of Perception and Self-Identity Machshava 34 min
Machshava Series-02: Living on Purpose: Why Did Hashem Create the World? Machshava 41 min
Machshava Series-03: Shabbos: Stopping the Creative Process and Experiencing What You've Built Machshava 46 min
Machshava Series-04: Potential vs. Actual: Fantasy vs. Reality: Male vs. Female Machshava 34 min
Machshava Series-05: Potential, Actualizing Potential, and Harmony: Chesed, Din, and Tiferes Machshava 35 min
Machshava Series-06: Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov: The Greatness of Chesed and the Idealism of Din Machshava 30 min
Machshava Series-07: Who Are You? The Relationship Between the Self (Neshama) and the Character Machshava 36 min
Machshava Series-08: Body and Soul- Using the Body to Reflect the Soul Machshava 35 min
Machshava Series-09: A Deeper Perspective of Torah U'Madda: The Physical as an Expression of the Spiritual Machshava 31 min
Machshava Series-10: A Deeper Understanding of What Avraham Brought to the World Machshava 30 min
Machshava Series-11: The Relationship Between Ikar and Tafel: Yaakov vs. Esav Machshava 68 min
Machshava Series-12: A Deeper Understanding of Kavod: Why Do We All Want People to Like Us? Machshava 46 min
Machshava Series-13: Mockery and Leitzanus: The Breakdown of Any Powerful Experience of Emes Machshava 40 min
Machshava Series-14: Time and Ownership: Delving Deeper Into the Relationship Between You and Your Possessions Machshava 51 min