Rabbi Menachem Levine

Rabbi Menachem Levine is the CEO of JDBY-YTT, the largest Jewish school in the Midwest. He served as Rabbi of Congregation Am Echad in San Jose, CA from 2007-2020. He is a popular speaker and has written for numerous publications. Rabbi Levine’s personal website is https://thinktorah.org
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Parshas Kedoshim: The Spiritual Quest Kedoshim 47 min
01 - Kavsah Ein Zakuk Lah and Zman Hadlakah Masechta Shabbos 59 min
02 - Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin and Makom Hadlakah Masechta Shabbos 69 min
03 - Mai Chanukah and the Beis Yosefs Kashya Masechta Shabbos 62 min
04 - Hadlakah In Shul Masechta Shabbos 74 min
05 - Bizui Mitzvah and Having a Shamash Masechta Shabbos 62 min
06 - Hadlakah or Hanacha Oseh Mitzvah and the Obligation of Nashim Masechta Shabbos 66 min
07 - Laws of Travelers and the Seder of Birchos Chanukah Masechta Shabbos 63 min
08 - Priorities in Lighting and the Segulah of Being Careful with Shabbos and Chanuka Lights Masechta Shabbos 62 min
09 - Shemen Sereifa and Al Hanissim Masechta Shabbos 55 min
1 - Kiddush a Mitzvah Min Hatorah or Midrabbanan Masechta Shabbos 55 min
2 - Making Kiddush on a Disposable Cup Masechta Shabbos 58 min
3- Kiddush B'makom Seudah Masechta Shabbos 60 min
4 - Can you Make Kiddush on Whiskey? Masechta Shabbos 69 min
5 -Eating before making Kiddush or Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 60 min
6 - Doing Melachah before Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 65 min
7- Doing Mitzvos before Havdallah Masechta Shabbos 58 min
Shiur #01: Melacha after hadlakas neiros Masechta Shabbos 60 min
Shiur #02: Makom hadlakas neiros (Eating or Sleeping?) Masechta Shabbos 63 min
Shiur #03: Zemanei Shabbos (Shkiya, Bein Hashmashos, Night) Masechta Shabbos 79 min
Shiur #04: Tosefes Shabbos Masechta Shabbos 60 min
Shiur #05: Kabbalos Shabbos B'peh or B'lev Masechta Shabbos 66 min
Shiur #06: Rechitza B'erev Shabbos Masechta Shabbos 57 min
Shiur #01 Chayav einish l'besumei be'puria/Drinking on Purim Hilchos Purim 59 min
Shiur #02 The Obligation to Read the Megillah on Purim Night and Day Hilchos Purim 48 min