Rabbi Ari Storch

Rabbi Storch is currently a member of Ner Israel’s Kollel Avodas Levi and the Rav of Congregation Ohr Simcha in Baltimore MD. He is the mechaber of two sefarim on Shas titled Tiferes Aryeh and Tiferes Aryeh on Zevachim, and most recently authored the book “The Secrets of the Stars”. Rabbi Storch also serves as the Rabbi for the extremely popular “Ask the Rabbi” on BaltimoreJewishLife.com.
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Are Brachos Really D'Oraisah Halacha 51 min
Can Kohanim Go To Kivrei Tzaddikim Halacha 39 min
Circumstantial Evidence in Beis Din Halacha 52 min
Did the Hashmonaim Do Something Assur By Setting Up A Malchus Halacha 51 min
Fasting on Fridays Halacha 34 min
Kibbud Av Va'eim and Must We Be Moral? Halacha 59 min
Lechem Mishna and Breaking Bread Halacha 44 min
Shaving in Halachah and Kabbalah Halacha 47 min
Tefillin Halacha 45 min
The History of How the Hebrew Calendar Developed Halacha 48 min
The Mitzvah To Remember Amalek Halacha 40 min
The Use of Secular Names Halacha 36 min
Was the Torah Edited or Updated? Halacha 51 min
Women and Fasting Halacha 51 min
Women Rabbis Part 1 Halacha 39 min
Women Rabbis Part 2 Halacha 50 min
Yishuv Eretz Yisrael Halacha 51 min
Faith Based Healing Rejecting Conventional Medicine To Heal Through Faith Medical Halacha 52 min
Chanukah 5777 Chanukah 40 min
Chanukah, Traveling, and Women Lighting Chanukah 49 min
Did Hashem Appear to Avraham in Human Form? Machshava 37 min
Experiencing Simcha While in Exile Machshava 59 min
Passion and Tehillim Tehillim 50 min