Rabbi Moshe Walter

Rabbi Moshe Walter serves as the Rav of Woodside Synagogue Ahavas Torah and is the executive director of the Vaad HaRabbanim of Greater Washington. 

Rabbi Walter is the author of three books of Jewish Law; The Making of a Halachic Decision- A Comprehensive Guide and Analysis to Halachic rulings published by Menucha publishers and is available by  clicking here, The Making of a Minhag - the Laws and parameters of Jewish customs, published by Feldheim publishers available by  clicking here, and The Making of a Mentch, the laws and parameters of interpersonal Mitzvos which is available by  clicking here.
Rabbi Walter has also published articles in the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Dialogue and Hakira. He is the founder, editor, and a regular contributor to the Bulletin of the Vaad HaRabbanim of Greater Washington, a biannual compendium dedicated to contemporary halachic and hashkafic issues pertaining to the Yamim Tovim, and other important communal matters.

Rabbi Walter regularly lectures and gives shiurim on a diverse range of halachic and hashkfaic topics. Rabbi Walter's shiurim are popular for their content and clarity with which they are presented. 

Rabbi Walter can be reach at 301-770-0078 ext 2
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Falling On a Grenade, Voulantary Self Sacrifice in Jewish Law Halacha 82 min
I had a Dream:real or Imaginary - A Halachic Response Halacha 53 min
Redefining Truth: When a Falsehood Fits the Definition of Truthfulness Halacha 72 min
The Dialogue Between the Rabbi and the Questioner in the Halachic Process Halacha 73 min
The Making Of a Halachic Decision 12-15-13 Halacha 51 min
The Making of a Legal Holiday Halacha 43 min
The Mitzvah of Emunah Halacha 68 min
The rules and regulations of forgiving an offender versus bearing a grudge Halacha 74 min
Chanukah Shailos, Mitzvah Bo vs. Hiddur Hilchos Chanukah 28 min
Caring for your flowers and potted plants on Shabbos Hilchos Shabbos 22 min
Dealing with a choleh on Shabbos Hilchos Shabbos 59 min
Handling Mail on Shabbos Hilchos Shabbos 24 min
Opening food packages on Shabbos Part 2 Hilchos Shabbos 22 min
Opening packages of food on Shabbos - Part 1 Hilchos Shabbos 21 min
At What Cost; Supporting and Patronizing Jewish-Owned Business (Thanksgiving Day, 23 Cheshvan 5776) Choshen Mishpat 63 min
Backing Out or Locked In ; Understanding the Employer Employee Relationship (-Presidents' Day 5776) Choshen Mishpat 47 min
Mandatory Donations- Is Tzedakah an enforceable mitzvah Hilchos Tzedaka 19 min
Put to the test- Ulterior motives in Tzedakah distribution Hilchos Tzedaka 18 min
Tzedaka; Voluntary or Mandatory (Federal Holiday Learning Program Memorial Day 2018) Hilchos Tzedaka 58 min
The Making of a Minhag - Familial Minhagim and Communal Minhagim Contemporary Halacha 58 min
The Runaway Train- Triage Decisions in Halachah Contemporary Halacha 62 min
The Moon, The Jewish People and Kiddush Levanah- A glimpse into Jewish History and Tishah B'av Tisha B'Av 61 min
Making of a Minhag- exploring minhagim and the minhag to drown out name of Haman in Megillah Purim 60 min
Cutting a cake with letters on Shabbos Shabbos 18 min
Playing scrabble on Shabbos and related discussion to the laws of Kosev(writing) on Shabbos Shabbos 22 min