Rabbi Shmuel Khoshkerman

Rabbi Shmuel Khoshkerman

Harav Shmuel Khoshkerman is a graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, MD.
There he received his Rabbinic ordination.

He has additional certification as a mohel (ritual circumcision), schochet (ritual slaughter), and sofer (scribe) and has published his highly acclaimed Minchat Shmuel (3 Volumes), focusing on the application of Halacha (Jewish Law) to contemporary issues.

Rabbi Khoshkerman has already attained renown as a posek (legal scholar and decider of Jewish law) and misader gittin (expert in ritual divorce).

He currently serves in the official capacity of Rabbinical Advisor to the Atlanta Kashruth Commission.

Website: www.nerhamizrach.org
Email: rabbikhoshkerman@bellsouth.net

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Halacha for Women (1) Halacha 58 min
Halacha for Women (2) Halacha 47 min
Halacha for Women (3) Halacha 48 min
Halacha of Cutting Trees Halacha 48 min
Halacha of Shatnez Halacha 54 min
Reasons Behind Minhagim (Customs) 01-16-10 Halacha 57 min
Sefardim and Ashkenazim Halacha 76 min
(01) Halachot Yom Tov Hilchos Moadim 40 min
(02) Halachot Yom Tov Hilchos Moadim 30 min
Chanukah Questions Hilchos Chanukah 46 min
Halacha Pesach 2009 Hilchos Pesach 46 min
Halachot Pesach 03-17-10 Hilchos Pesach 48 min
Halacha for Women (5) Shabbat Hilchos Shabbos 38 min
Halacha for Women (6) Shabbat II Hilchos Shabbos 33 min
Hilchot Muktza Hilchos Shabbos 42 min
Hilchot Shabbat 12-01-09 Hilchos Shabbos 46 min
Laws of Shabbat as Applicable to Women 11-03-09 Hilchos Shabbos 31 min
Laws of Shabbat as Applicable to Women 11-10-09 Hilchos Shabbos 44 min
Laws of Shabbat as Applicable to Women 11-17-09 Building & Destroying, Making a Tent, Completing a Vesel Hilchos Shabbos 40 min
Laws of Shabbos (1) Stovetops and Ovens Hilchos Shabbos 57 min
Laws of Shabbos (2) Microwave Ovens Hilchos Shabbos 43 min
Laws of Shabbos (3) Squeezing and Grinding Hilchos Shabbos 37 min
Laws of Shabbos (4) Kneading and Separating Hilchos Shabbos 47 min
Laws of Shabbos (5) Building, Destroying and Finishing a Job Hilchos Shabbos 47 min
Laws of Shabbos (6) Laws of Muktza Hilchos Shabbos 43 min