Rabbi Zvi Goldberg

Rabbi Zvi Goldberg is director of STAR-K’s Virtual Kosher University. He oversees the Star-K’s hotline, which fields calls and emails from consumers around the world, and is the designated liaison for STAR-K field representatives concerning current data on kosher productions. As the director of STAR-K’s Virtual Kosher University, he moderates its Telekosher Conferences, the first comprehensive online classes on kosher. He also coordinates STAR-K’s annual Kashrus Training Seminar. He was formerly a pulpit rabbi in California, and currently teaches a folio of Talmud a day, daf yomi, at a local synagogue.
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Hilchos Tzitzis Halacha 3 min
Hurricanes and Earthquakes: Jewish Law and extreme weather Halacha 33 min
Shmittah, Pruzbal, And Schach Mats Halacha 31 min
A Discussion of the Latest Kosher Issues Kashrus 35 min
Adventures On The Factory Floor & Raisins Kashrus 35 min
Buying Kosher Foods at Non-Kosher Stores; Kosher Hot Dogs at 7-11 Kashrus 40 min
Buying Kosher Fruit For Tu Bishvat Kashrus 3 min
Canned Vegetables Kashrus 2 min
Challenges of an Out-of-Town Certification Agency Kashrus 40 min
Comparing European and American Kosher Landscapes Kashrus 33 min
Crash Course On Milk And Meat - Part 1 Kashrus 3 min
Crash Course On Milk And Meat - Part 2 Kashrus 3 min
Globetrotting for Kosher Kashrus 30 min
Going Away for the Summer? Hotels, Bungalows, and Cabins for the Kosher Traveler Kashrus 34 min
Hotels - What The Kosher Consumer Needs To Know Kashrus 32 min
Insect checking website makover and factory visits Kashrus 33 min
Kashrus And Food Ingredient Labels Kashrus 5 min
Kashrus And Food Safety Kashrus 3 min
Kashrus And Paper Products Kashrus 3 min
Keeping Kosher during the Nine Days of Av Kashrus 41 min
Kosher Baby Food And Infant Formula Kashrus 3 min
Kosher Donuts Kashrus 2 min
Kosher Honey Kashrus 3 min
Kosher Hotels Kashrus 3 min
Kosher Liquor Kashrus 3 min