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Shiur Chukas #1 (5778) Rabbi Naftali Ganzweig 31 min
Shiur Chukas #2 (5778) Rabbi Naftali Ganzweig 33 min
Parashat Chukat- the Mystery of the Missing Yud 2013 06 14 Rabbi Daniel Glatstein 10 min
Chukas 5764 Asei lecha Rav - Lessons in learning from teachers and life Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 30 min
Chukas 5765 Kedusha explained through Moshe and the rock Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 47 min
Chukas 5767 Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 43 min
Chukas 5768 Chasidus and Anger Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 33 min
Chukas 5770 The Road Back part 1 - Where we are today Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 43 min
Chukas 5771 (Rabbi Michoel Friedman) Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 44 min
Chukas 5773 We comprehend neither chok laws nor the ways of Hashem Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 45 min
Chukas Balak 5763 Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 51 min
Chukas-Balak 5769 Becoming a Torah Jew on the inside - Rav Volbe intro to Alei Shur Rabbi Menashe Goldberger 43 min
Chukas - "And he struck the rock..." The link between the undesirable quality of anger and " did not believe in Me." Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein 79 min
Chukas 1983 - Untitled Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein 54 min
Chukas - Maavir Sedra of Pesukim Rabbi Dovid Grossman 64 min
Chukas - Women As Prophetesses and Judges and Active and Passive Female Suffrage Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman 50 min
Hukas: Hezekiah Vs. Hippocrates Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman 51 min
Hukas: Might Makes Right - Conquest and Annexation (2017-06-25) Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman 44 min
Chukas inyan chok 5773 Rabbi Avi Haber 41 min
Parsha Chukas Rabbi Moshe Harizy 25 min
Chukas - Thursday Night Shiur 5773 Rabbi Dovid Katzenstein 70 min
Parshas Chukas -Thursday NIght Shiur 5773 Rabbi Dovid Katzenstein 69 min
Chukas 5773 Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 41 min
Chukas 5778 Mitzvos That Prepare Us For A Higher World (Melave Malka Dvar Torah) Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 16 min
Mishpat & Chok, Reason & Beyond (Hebrew Academy) (12-14-15) Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky 42 min