Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein, the founder and director of the Destiny Foundation since 1996, has, for over 25 years, been identified with the popularization of Jewish history through his more than 1,000 lectures heard world-wide on CD and now as downloadable MP3s, his 15 books, history courses, educational tours and, most recently, dramatic and documentary films.

To download other great shiurim by Rabbi Wein please visit http://rabbiwein.com or http://jewishdestiny.com

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(01) Are We Always Destined to Disagree? Machshava 78 min
Being A Rabbi Machshava 39 min
Receiving The Torah Today Machshava 56 min
The Passion Of Jesus Kiruv 50 min
Darchei Noam Religion 59 min
01 - Introduction to Berel Wein The Destiny Foundation Jewish History 3 min
02 - Origin of Judaism - Abraham Sarah Jewish History 3 min
03 - History of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebecca Jewish History 4 min
04 - History of Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, and Esau Jewish History 4 min
05 - History of Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob Esau Jewish History 5 min
06 - History of Jacob, Esau, Lavan, Rachel Leah Jewish History 5 min
07 - Jacob and His Family Descend to Egypt Jewish History 3 min
08 - Exodus from Egypt and the Sinai Experience Jewish History 6 min
09 - The Jewish People Enter the Land of Israel Jewish History 5 min
10 - Beginning of the Monarchy in the Land of Israel Jewish History 5 min
11 - Solomon and the Temple Jewish History 5 min
12 - The Jewish Kingdom is Divided Jewish History 5 min
13 - Babylonian Exile and Rebuilding the Temple Jewish History 5 min
14 - Differences Between the First and Second Temple Jewish History 6 min
15 - Ezra and the Great Assembly Jewish History 3 min
16 - Greek Influence and Alexander the Great Jewish History 5 min
17 - Translating the Bible and Forced Assimilation Jewish History 7 min
18 - The Rabbis and the Hasmoneans Jewish History 6 min
20 - The Last Hasmonean Kings Jewish History 3 min
21 - Beginning of the Roman Conquest Jewish History 4 min