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Talmud Yerushalmi
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2221Menachos22- Mixed Kometz- Mixed Blood Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2222Menachos23 redone- The part not meant to be burnt, is not supposed to be burnt Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2223Menachos24- The vessel unites the food, even if it is flat Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2224Menachos25- The power of the Tzitz is in the case of Tumah Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2225Menachos26- Can the Kometz be burned in 2 or 3 shifts Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2226Menachos27- The Four Species of Succos are Interrelated Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2227Menachos28- Tzitzis, Teffilin, and Mezuza Basics Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2228Menachos29- Moshe, Rabbi Akiva, and the symbolism of the holy crowns and letters Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2229Menachos30- The uniqueness of the last verses of the Torah- Buying a Sefer Torah Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2230Menachos31- How to roll and wrap a Mezuzah Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2231Menachos32- Guidelines, where to put the Mezuza Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2232Menachos33- Where on the doorpost should the Mezuza be placed Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2233Menachos34- Teffilin of Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2234Menachos35- Required Aspects of Teffilin- square, construction, and straps Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2235Menachos36- The Brachos on Teffilin Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2236Menachos37- The Weaker Hand, Teffilin- Beyond Siamese twins, two heads Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 15 min
2237Menachos38- Ticheiles Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2238Menachos39- Tzitzis Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2239Menachos40- Ticheiles is not done in a linen garment Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2240Menachos41- It is proper and necessary to buy a garment for Tzitzis, even if not truly obligatory Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2241Menachos42- Is a Bracha recited when fashioning a Mitzva- The special Shehechiyanu if the first night of Succos Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2242Menachos43- Teffilin, Tzitzis, Mezuza, and Milah- To Recite 100 Brachos a Day Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2243Menachos44- Tzitzis saved him Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2244Menachos45- The special teachings of the book of Yechezkel Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2245Menachos46- The relationship of the Shilomim lambs and the Shavuos loaves Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min