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1796BabaBasra162- The Last Line of a Document, Not to leave a gap before a signature Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
1797BabaBasra163- The two line space can be filled in with other signatures- Space to forge by the thief, with line spacing Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
1798BabaBasra164- Watch what you say, criticism and compliments Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
1799BabaBasra165- Hard to be Perfect, Thoughts, Prayer, and Avak Lashon Horah- TRY Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
1800BabaBasra166- The Judge as Detective- Consider a check in which the number does not match the written Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
1801BabaBasra167- Abayei as a Document Detective Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
1802BabaBasra168- Accidents and Tricks with woman look alikes Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1803BabaBasra169- The messenger_s poor judgment could mess him up Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
1804BabaBasra170- Paid up part of loan, Receipt or New Document Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1805BabaBasra171- Predated or postdated Loan Documents Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1806BabaBasra172- Unwitting Partners, inheritance and same name Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
1807BabaBasra173- First he says I don_t know, and then he figures it out Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
1808BabaBasra174- Abayei and Rovah, Just trying to set things straight Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1809BabaBasra175- Loan done with documentation and witnesses has greater collection power Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 6 min
1810BabaBasra176- Guarantor, at time of loan, or coming later Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
1811Sanhedrin2- Introducing the Jewish Judicial System Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1812Sanhedrin3- Half damage Might be payment, but it is still unusual- Building Talmudic Skills, Rhine, Reiss pronunciations Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
1813Sanhedrin4- Krie Kisiv, Pronounced and Understood one way, but written differently Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
1814Sanhedrin5- Semicha, Ordination, and why might it be withheld Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
1815Sanhedrin6- Pishara, Compromise- What did Dovid do Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
1816Sanhedrin7- Sayings, for which there is a Possuk Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
1817Sanhedrin8- Role of a Leader, and of the Community Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1818Sanhedrin9- Rules and lesson from the third witness, Goodness is greater than punishment, Appointing Kiddushin witnesses Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
1819Sanhedrin10- We can divide the testimony, Assault and Borrowing with Ribis, Interest Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
1820Sanhedrin11- Great Cover-ups, The letter Rabban Gamliel would have sent to us Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min