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2473Bichoros24- Clearing the wool to do Shechita on Yom Tov- Why can't I brush my hair on Shabbos Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2474Bichoros25- Wool that fell off the Bichor before Shechita- Origins of the word Chalon-Window Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2475Bichoros26- The firstborn animal, A gift the Kohein might wish to refuse Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2476Bichoros27- Leniences in Teruma Drabanan and Chalah in our time- Why not give it to a Kohein Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2477Bichoros28- A blemish that changes, or could be changed Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2478Bichoros29- Can he get paid for teaching Torah or examining a Bichor Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2479Bichoros30- Psychology of a Fraud, He wouldn't invest too much for fear of confiscation- Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2480Bichoros31- Blemished Bichor can only be sold from the home- Saying in the name of the person who said it Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2481Bichoros32- Who can eat from the Bichor animal after it gets a Mum-blemish Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 6 min
2482Bichoros33- Bloodletting that caused a Mum-blemish in Bichor Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2483Bichoros34- Planning a Mum- blemish, does sanction apply to child upon inheriting Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2484Bichoros35- The first Mum works, but you can't repeat that good fortune Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2485Bichoros36- A lighter type of testimony, that the Mum was not inflicted Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2486Bichoros37- Refunding payment for non-Kosher food sold as Kosher Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 8 min
2487Bichoros38- Ailments of the eye- Psak that has personal relevance Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2488Bichoros39- The Mum of the lip, and the story of Bar Kamtza Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 8 min
2489Bichoros40- Examples of the thumb measure- Tzitzis, Beis Hamikdash building, animal's anatomy Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2490Bichoros41- The Androgynous animal, does it have firstborn status Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2491Bichoros42- Tumtum as a Sofeik, would the Torah be addressing that Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2492Bichoros43- When do the laws of Mumin apply by a Kohein Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2493Bichoros44- The height of Moshe- The height of Og Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2494Bichoros45- Cases of deviation from the 248 limbs Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2495Bichoros46- Firstborn of inheritance and firstborn for redemption Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2496Bichoros47- Piru Urivu considerations for a man who converts Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2497Bichoros48- The Kohein is willing to refund the money, but to who Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min