Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus

Rabbi Aryeh Rottman

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Parshas Mikeitz 5748 - Side A Mikeitz 47 min
Parshas Mikeitz 5748 - Side B Mikeitz 4 min
Chumash Vaad on Parshas Yisro Yisro 38 min
Sicha for Parshas Mishpatim Mishpatim 38 min
Vaad on Pesach Pesach 39 min
Sicha on Sefiras HaOmer Sefiras HaOmer 31 min
Y'mei Sefirah Sefiras HaOmer 27 min
Y'mei Sefirah and Parshas Emor Sefiras HaOmer 27 min
Preparation for Kabolas HaTorah Shavuos 37 min
Shavuos Vaad Shavuos 48 min
Lashon Hora and Golus Tisha B'Av 33 min
Avodas Elul and Shofar 2 Chodesh Elul 37 min
Avodas Elul and Shofar Chodesh Elul 20 min
Elul - Aimas Yom Hadin Chodesh Elul 30 min
Elul Pre Selichos Chodesh Elul 45 min
Elul Tardemas Ha'atzlus Chodesh Elul 42 min
Erev Rosh Hashana Rosh Hashanah 32 min
Chanukah Ladder of Ascent Chanukah 32 min
Limud Torah Chanukah Chanukah 38 min
Simchas Purim 5748 Purim 30 min
Hashevosa El Levavecha Mussar 35 min
Kabolas HaTorah Machshava 35 min
Sicha on Keser Torah Machshava 30 min
Kinyan Torah - Anava Middos 34 min
Sicha on Y'mei Sefirah - K'vod Chaver Middos 38 min